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The SAN system

SAN is a modular riveting system that is ideal for fully automated work environments. The system is flexible, allows for the installation of blind rivets and rivet nuts and is Industry 4.0 ready.

Benefits at a glance

  • Individuel combination of the system components

  • Industry 4.0 ready​

  • Integrated process control​
  • Continuous monitoring of riveting process​

  • Easy maintenance​

  • Fast component replacement​
  • The system is flexible and allows riveting of standard rivets. ​

  • Individual parts can be combined according to the customer's needs.

  • SAN2 is designed for riveting blind rivets and SAN4 is designed for riveting nut rivets.​Both can be combined within one system.

  • The system includes all accessories. Most parts are easily adjustable without tools. ​

  • The quick replacement system of jaws or threaded mandrels makes maintenance simple and fast. ​

  • The individual components are precisely manufactured and assembled so that in the case of maintenance of the riveting head, it can be easily removed from the system and placed back in the same place without losing the original settings.

  • The SAN system is equipped with up to 40 sensors that control the entire process of the riveting process

  • Process control processing within the tool​

  • Contactless stroke measurement​

  • Tensometers replaced by pressure sensors​

  • Memory for the maintenance logs and system events​

System Components

  • Riveting Head
  • Charger
  • Rivets Transport Booster
  • Vibrating Bowl
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic Multiplier​
  • K1 / K2 Control Unit
  • LCD Panel​
  • Linear Motion

SAN2 / Riveting head for blind rivets

  • Working range of 2.0 - 6.4 mm

  • Compact and light​

  • Quick release connection for service​

  • Process control​

SAN4 / Riveting head for blind rivet nuts

  • Working range of M3 – M8​

  • Electrical motor for spin-on and spin-off​

  • Automatic release of mandrel in case of blocked rivet nut​

  • Compact and light​

  • Quick release connection for service​

  • Process control​


  • Windows application for tool configuration and monitoring
  • User friendly interface
  • Quick parameter setting
  • Service counters
  • Riveting head calibration
  • Authorization levels for multiple users
  • Ethernet or USB connection

Ondřej Sztolarik

  • Sales and Marketing Manager